torsdag 23 augusti 2012

Young clear voices

School holidays for two weeks now. Not so many buses in the streets; the society slows down a bit. But the pupils are still active. Near campus is the National arena and around it there are several rugby, football and basket/net ball fields. I have heard a speaker now for two days. The kids classes and schools are competing. In the morning the buses comes down the road packed with expectant kids. They are singing with clear voices. In the afternoon I can hear them yelling; a sound of joy, happiness and excitement. I never hear that sound in Sweden. It seems to me that our Swedish kids are more individualistic and not affected about how their class or school performs in a competition. This is no good! Are we not interested? Do we not care? Are we blasé? Is it only the project “ME” that interests Swedish kids? Or, perhaps I haven’t listened enough back home…?
It’s Hibiscus festival in town the whole week: amusement park, food, gadgets, flowers, lotteries, shows and as the French says “Spectacle”. Here is no alcohol at all. Some have been drinking grogg/cava, but it’s very peaceful except the high sound of music. People are happy; especially the children. Television (Fijione) is broadcasting the competitions called Queen, King, Princess and Prince of the festival where people are presenting different skills or just talks about their cloths and their sponsor. Interesting, very special. We are going to a show this evening “Adi Senikau” where men dressed as women are acting… Let’s see what it gives. It’s sure enjoying and will give us several culture points…
Yesterdays class was good and I felt very warm inside and had a smile on my face when I walked home under a clear shining moon (like a cradle) in the dark evening. My students were after my introduction and lecture acting in the snake form (as a colletive career guidance counselor) with a help seekers difficulty. I was acting as a very active supervisor and took a time out as soon as anything should, due to my considerations, be commented. It was really a good learning experience (in the shadow of Krumboltz’s theory). Really good!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Leif, sitter i solen på altanen på Öland, säkert 25 varm. Sommarvärmen kom sent, tyvärr efter semestern. Men njuta kan man göra ändå :).
    Kul att du börjat skriva på engelska. Är det mer för din egen språktränings skull eller vill du att dina studenter och lärarkollegor ska ha möjlighet att ta del av dina reflektioner? Hur som helst är det intressant att läsa vad du skriver även om jag inte är bekant med teorierna.

  2. Bula Vinaka Lempa,
    Mest för min egen skull och kanske för utländska vänner. Kul att träna och se om det blir OK och inte för enkelt; kul att du gillar det! Njut av värmen, det gör jag.