lördag 25 augusti 2012

Hibiscus festival

Adi Senikal was really a ¨spectacle”; men dressed in womens clothes were acting in a way that have a great improvement potential. The sound was terrible but people were having a really good time. We have watched the festival every day at television (the festival goes from Friday to next Saturday) and today, the last day; it was coronation of the king and queen of the festival. These were the two persons that regarding the judges opinion should stand out as role models for other adolescents in Fiji. This is a very good idea, though the process of selecting them is a bit special, should I say. But as always; the purpose gains the inventions (this happens to be swenglish).
Yesterday I woke up and Gunilla invited me to breakfast; the whole table was covered by leafs of different size and art. At the top of it was a wonderful bouquet of flowers and a nice breakfast. It was my birthday! A very interesting book about all trees and shrubs of The University of the South Pacific was hiding under a banana leaf. Campus is like a great arboretum. I didn’t know there were so many species of palms…
One of the "ladies"

Food market
I have a reflection that took me a day to clear out. Today when we walked across campus I noticed that the moon was in sight, but the upper part of it was lighted; it looked like a cap. The same moon some nights ago was formed like a cradle, like a U. I have never seen this before. Or perhaps I have but I have never thought of it like I have done today. I have my own explanation. Do you?

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  1. Låter som du hade en kanondag pappa:)
    Underbart att läsa vad ni har för er och upptäcker!



  2. Roligt att du är med oss på vår resa. Önskar du kunde vara med på riktigt här.