onsdag 29 augusti 2012

Temperature is rising

Today is a really hot day without the sun visible in the sky. Today I tried to open a bank account and that wasn’t so very easy. First I had to go to the bank and get a letter to show at Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority in Suva; I need a TIN-number. To get to that office I had to take a taxi. Then I had to wait for half an hour to talk to an officer. He was very talkable and explained for me that Fiji had improved their taxpaying routines since 2010; they are adopting models overseas. He managed to help me quite fast and when all was done he said: Welcome to Fiji! He was a nice guy! Then I went back to the bank and got my bank account. Now USP can reimburse my administration fee… It took a part of my day but I got some new impressions and I realize how hard it it for a developing country to build up an administration. One of the problems here is that not everyone pays her/his taxes.
Once a month is Pacific Market Day at Campus where they are selling food, handicraft, root crops, books, fruits, jewellery, printed fabrics and much more. We bought some mangos and a small tanoa. Lunch at Govinda’s; a highlight of the day. Their vegetarian Indian food is just fantastic. Gunilla had a coconut to drink; you got it with a straw. Today’s class is partly presentations of the student’s reflections over their group career counseling sessions and partly a discussion about horizon of opportunities and the career wheel. Tomorrow we take of to Beqa; taxi to the bus station, a Sunbeam bus ride for 30 minutes and then 60 minutes on the ocean and then…

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jätteroligt att läsa om dina öden och äventyr. Idag är det så grått att vi har haft lamporna tända hela dagen. Spelar du golf?
    / Olle

    1. Här är ljus och mörker väldigt regelbundet; man kan ställa klockan efter det. Vijaj Singh har ju sin hemmabana här, men jag spelar inte. Lägger lite tid på gym och pool istället.