onsdag 29 augusti 2012


500 meters swimming in the pool; nice! An American pizza at the local pizzeria in the small shopping mall near Campus followed. A Saturday in town that didn’t gave any idea worth a reflection. On Sunday we took the early bus to Pacific Harbor, on the southcoast of Vitu Levu. We had booked a beachfront bure for one night just to come away from Suva. When we arrived from the ice-cold bus; this bus company has airconditioning in their buses and they use them despite the outer temperature… When we arrived to Uprising Beach Resort there were no beachfront bure reserved in our name so we had to take a beachfront villa instead. You can’t live more exclusive in Fiji. What we thought was the best in the villa was the outdoor bathroom; just fantastic! And compared to how most Fijians live their ordinary lifes this is something quite extra ordinary. We had a very nice day in the sun and in the water and the evening ended with a bottle of cooled white wine on the varanda to our villa. That was very good. On Monday it has been raining all day and because the bus shouldn’t arrive until 4:25pm we had to sit under shelter the whole day and that isn’t good at all…all days in Fiji are different and you can never predict how the coming day would look like. This is very interesting but this time not so pleasant.
The mood was low but my brains kept on working. Suddenly it stood very clear how our programme at Malmö University should be changed to better match the demands in the future. Not all new, but a change due to the outcomes we can see every year when we look at our products; our students. A really great part of them can communicate in a professional manner but they are no career guidance counselors in the true professional sence according to what is required by the learning outcomes we are set to guarantee. I mean that good career guidance counselors can see themselves and their own actions and the ones of the help seeker in a whole context that creates meaning for their dialogue. This doesn’t call for talent nor persistence but rather talent, a humble attitude to learning and reading literature, hard work and persistence. I think we lack something here… 
When you are away from your ordinary work and duties it seems like your brains are having a really good time. They are as free as your feet; mine have been dressed in flip-flops now for more than a month and they are really enjoying it. I think just like the feet the brains got more oxygen when not locked up in the ordinary context.
View from the veranda; you can see Beqa Island

The villa
Thinking is one thing and speaking it out is another; I like them both. I think that’s good!

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